Best Tricks to Resolve QuickBooks error code 12052 Quickly

Best Tricks to Resolve QuickBooks error code 12052 Quickly

September 15, 2023

QuickBooks Error Code 12052 is a common issue related to internet connectivity problems while updating the software. It typically occurs when QuickBooks Desktop cannot connect to the server due to network interruptions, firewall settings, or security software conflicts. This error disrupts the software’s ability to download important updates, potentially affecting its functionality. To resolve it, users should check their internet connection, disable security software temporarily, and ensure proper firewall configurations. 

Additionally, clearing the cache and cookies in the web browser can help mitigate this error, ensuring QuickBooks can successfully update and operate smoothly. For any support, you can simply connect with our team of experts at +1(800)-578-0315

The List of 12000 Series Errors

There are several errors that fall in this series, so let’s have a look at some of the common issues that can occur.

  • QuickBooks Error 12002
  • QuickBooks Error 12007
  • QuickBooks Error 12029
  • QuickBooks Error 12031
  • QuickBooks Error 12037
  • QuickBooks Error 12045
  • QuickBooks Error 12052
  • QuickBooks Error Code 12052

Know What is QuickBooks Error Code 12052

QuickBooks Error Code 12052 is a common connectivity issue that occurs when the software is unable to establish a secure internet connection to perform online tasks like downloading updates or accessing online services. This error may result from network problems, firewall settings, or issues with SSL certificates. It can disrupt the smooth operation of QuickBooks and prevent users from accessing crucial online features. To resolve this error, users should start by checking their internet connection, disabling any firewall or security software temporarily, and ensuring that their system’s date and time settings are accurate.

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Know the Common Causes that Triggers Error Code 12052

QuickBooks Error Code 12052 can be caused by various factors, including the ones below.

  • Overly strict firewall settings or security software can block QuickBooks from accessing the internet.
  • Problems with SSL certificates on your system can prevent secure connections to QuickBooks servers.
  • Incorrect system date and time settings may lead to SSL certificate validation errors.
  • If you’re using a proxy server, misconfigured settings can hinder QuickBooks’ ability to connect online.
  • QuickBooks relies on your default web browser for some tasks. Browser-related problems or settings can impact connectivity.

Solution: Put Internet Explorer as the Default Internet Browser

After following these steps, Internet Explorer should be set as your default web browser. This might help in fixing the error 12052 in QuickBooks.

  • Launch Internet Explorer by clicking on its icon in the taskbar or by searching for it in the Windows Start menu.
  • Click the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner of the Internet Explorer window.
  • Under the “Opening Internet Explorer” section, check the box that says “Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop” if it’s not already checked.
  • A Windows dialog box will open, asking if you want to make Internet Explorer your default web browser. Click “Yes” to confirm.
  • Sometimes, changes to default applications may require a system restart to take effect. Restart your computer to ensure that Internet Explorer is now set as your default browser.


QuickBooks Error Code 12052 is often linked to internet connectivity, firewalls, SSL certificates, date/time settings, proxies, or network issues. Troubleshooting these factors can help resolve this common error efficiently. For additional help, you can speak with our team at +1(800)-578-0315.

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