Champion Breakfast for Sharing Your Breakfast to Other

Champion Breakfast for Sharing Your Breakfast to Other

August 1, 2023

Champion Breakfast for Sharing Your Breakfast to Other

For my favorite dessert, here is the pascale because the chocolate is quite bitter and not too sweet. Then the croissants here are also delicious, especially when spread with butter and strawberry jam. For the breakfast menu, you really have to try the Champion Breakfast. Complete filling of bratwurst, beef bacon, pom pom (potatoes), eggs, garlic bread, sweet peanut sauce, etc.

For a hidden gem, it’s really not too small and not too big either, there’s indoor and outdoor, if you like content this is really suitable, it’s a cute place for ootd too.

The service is really good, fast too. For the price range for sharing meals, it’s okay at this price with food, the taste is okay, it’s good.

Rendang fried rice (4/5)
the spices are delicious, the spices are delicious

Fish n chips(4/5)
it’s okay, the chips are really real cassava, the fish is soft, the onions are soft and delicious

Lychee Mint Butterfly (4/5)
the delicious sweet mixture of soda and syrup is really good

French breakfast (3.5/5)
it’s a bit hard, maybe it’s been a while, but the taste is okay, the sweetness isn’t really sweet, it’s perfect for mixing salty food, the meat is soft, the bukbum absorbs, the vegetables taste really fresh

Champion breakfast (4/5)
The peanut sauce is sweet and sour, the sausage is full, the taste is just right, the salt is just right, the tomatoes are fresh, the beef is just right, the salt is tender, the potatoes are soft, crunchy, the seasoning is just right, the eggs are soft 1/2 cooked but just right, the bagelen bread is just right for salty food, the bland bread for salty food, but the bagelen bread is a bit tough because it gets rich over time

Bakeries (3/5)
The bakery itself is sweet enough, okay to eat it with butter, the pineapple sauce is also delicious, and the strawberry sauce

Laurent cake (4/5)
The sweet chocolate is just right, the taste is like mochi, the cake is really soft, it sinks in the mouth right away

Pascale cake (4/5)
Sweet at the beginning, the aftertaste is bitter dark chocolate, soft

Adeline cake (3.5/5)
The contents are cream, the orange flavor is really pronounced from the fragrance, it’s also very orange, a little sweet and sour from the orange, it’s really okay, it doesn’t make you feel bad

The decoration is classic floral like you can see from pan chancho, the service is okay, but suddenly we tell you the wifi, even though we didn’t ask =D then asked us to take a photo outside, he said it was good.

Hot Red Velvet (35k)
small glass, tends to be pink, but the color isn’t red… if you feel that there is some kind of resemblance to the aroma of cereal in this drink, it’s a shame the latte art isn’t clear, you can say it’s a swan, isn’t it a flower either :p

● Emily (45k)
mjd slh1 signature cake exquise, the cutest & eye catching yellow bullet. I like it because the lychee mango is refreshing and not sweet even though it has vanilla cream inside

● Chicken mushroom quichee (45k)
Savory snacks that are already delicious without real chili sauce, the cheese doesn’t taste good but the chicken and mushrooms have quite a kick because they’re scattered.

● Dominique (65k)
it’s pricey, even though it’s as small, because of the detail on the ornament on the cake & it’s gluten free. The one that makes “mmmhhh” feels like Belgian dark chocolate, even though there’s a mixture of peanuts.

● Tiramisu (45k)
layered like a typical tiramisu, but delicious because it’s not runny, the butter cream crumbles when we cut it with a spoon so we don’t think about the calories

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