Enjoy the Adventure Activities at Kolad: A Complete Travel Guide

Enjoy the Adventure Activities at Kolad: A Complete Travel Guide

August 17, 2023

If you think Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are the ones who rule the choices of tourist destinations, then it is not entirely correct. Maharashtra is also one of the states in India that features hill stations, the Arabian Sea, serene valleys, and metropolitans making it a perfect destination for tourist footfall. However, it remains underrated but is beautiful to explore with one time visit in your lifetime. Kolad is one such example. 

Like Shimla, Manali, Goa, and Udaipur, there are top places in Maharashtra having tourist attractions. These are Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, and Khandala. But how much do you know about Kolad? 

You might not be so familiar with it because only a little attention is given to this place, which also deserves the tourist attraction. For your information, there are many adventure activities at Kolad you can enjoy exploring. 

One must be free of the choices of above mentioned holiday destinations merely because they are popular in tourism. There are other places to explore, even if they are not popular with tourist footfall. Hence, today we are bringing a brief tourism guide about Kolad, where we will be briefing you about this place and the number of activities that can be explored here. 

What are the adventure activities at Kolad?

Kolad is a developing small village in Maharastra in the Raigad district. Like other holiday destinations, it also deserves tourist attention with its green meadows, cascading waterfalls, and western ghats. And to your surprise, Kolad Tourism is now becoming famous for adventure sports like kayaking, water rafting, and rappelling. 

The place is just a little behind in attracting tourists because of its scenic natural beauty and majestic valleys if you visit during the monsoon here. It is an excellent place for all those who love to be around nature and for shutterbugs who love capturing the beautiful sights they come across. 

Coming to adventure sports, you can enjoy river rafting at Kundalilka River in Kolad. It is known to be one of the fastest flowing rivers, so have a great time enjoying the water sport on it. Besides water rafting, tourists can also visit some forts here. Plus, they can also watch dams and waterfalls. All these sights make Kolad a must-visit holiday destination for every travel enthusiast. 

Kolad: The underrated gem of Maharashtra

Kolad is an underrated gem of Maharashtra that needs to be encouraged with more and more tourist footfall. It has everything you expect in your holiday journey, including lavish greenery, natural plants, marshlands, and sublime valleys. The blend of all features makes Kolad a perfect artistic portrait for a tourist to imagine. 

The rocky mountains, plenty of waterfalls, and physical geographic features make this small village close to any other hill station. By indulging in sporting activities like parasailing and paragliding here, visitors can have to make relishing moments during their stay in Kolad.

Places to visit in Kolad

  • Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls

You can enjoy the spectacular view of the Tamhini Ghat waterfalls, as it is one of the popular attractions in Kolad. Besides enjoying the enchanting waterfall, swimming in the water can add more fun to your journey. 

  • Bhira Dam

Another top spot in Kolad to visit is Bhira Dam, also known as Tata Power House Dam. This dam is the primary source of water supply for the Kundalika River, which is famous for water sports like rafting. It is the perfect picnic spot for the family, photographing and enjoying an ideal boat ride. 

  • Ghosala Fort

You need not have to visit Rajasthan to explore forts when. You can get a similar experience at Kolad by visiting Ghosala Fort. There might need to be more forts here, but seeing this fort of Kolad is a must-visit for a historical enthusiast. Erected between the Revdanda and the Salav Creeks, watching the architectural design of Ghosala Fort should not be given a miss. Nearby to it, you will also find the two temples and a dargah in the fort complex. Besides these, you will also see the prisons, stores, parapets, and chambers inside the fort. 

  • Kundalika River

If you want sporting activity in Kolad, you can fulfil your dream by rafting at Kundalika River. It is the perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts who can enjoy white water rafting here. You must visit here during the monsoon. However, the rafting is stopped due to unfavourable weather conditions. It would help if you kept a tab on weather news. 

Where to stay in Kolad?

If you want to experience a comfortable luxury stay during your stay, then jüSTa Rudra Resort & Spa, Kolad, is the right pick for you. The facilities provided here include a gymnasium, multipurpose court, steam, sauna, jogging track, kids play area, Ayurveda, salon, meditation room, and even swimming pool for adults and kids. Moreover, you can also have an invigorating session at Sohum Wellness spa having six treatment rooms. 


Kolad is an underrated place in Maharashtra that deserves your attention as it has all the features expected for a perfect staycation. Today in this article, we have mentioned all the reasons to convince you to visit Kolad. 

Undoubtedly, this small village of Maharashtra in Raigad District is one of the top spots for adventure seekers who want to explore river rafting, paragliding, and parasailing. Just come at once, and explore the scenic beauty of this hidden gem. 

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