Financial Advisors in Richmond

Financial Advisors in Richmond

April 3, 2024

Financial advisors in Richmond can provide invaluable guidance for your portfolio, debt, and retirement management. They can also help create an appropriate budget based on your needs and goals – even help manage an old 401(k).

They offer advice and strategies on estate and tax minimization strategies to help you plan for your future and achieve the life you’ve always desired.

Wills Financial Group

Wills Financial Group of Richmond, Virginia, offers financial planning services that put its client’s interests first while disclosing any conflicts of interest or disciplinary measures that arise. Wills Financial Group serves clients who reside throughout Virginia. Services provided include retirement and estate planning as well as investment portfolio management. As a fiduciary firm, Wills Financial Group must always put its clients’ needs before their own.

This firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser, managing over $3004.4 million of assets across 683 client accounts. There are seven full-time and four part-time employees at this firm.

Wills Financial Group is a fee-based advisory firm that charges fees based on either a percentage of assets under management or on an hourly rate for its services. However, these do not include brokerage commissions or account expenses.

Wills Financial Group also offers life-based event planning services, helping its clients prepare for milestone events such as purchasing a home, getting married, or having children.

Wills Financial Group has been embroiled in several lawsuits related to customer service issues, mismanagement of funds, deceptive marketing practices, and settlement payments to customers; this cost the firm millions. While no charges were ever laid against Wills Financial Group, nor was any plea ever entered to any allegations brought forth against it, nonetheless, these litigations have left some investors disgruntled and potentially caused business disruption for Wills.

Covenant Wealth Advisors

Financial planners offer invaluable assistance in the complex world of investments and retirement. They can create a personalized financial plan for you, which includes an investment portfolio, tax-efficient strategy, and retirement plan design; they may also assist in debt reduction and increased savings; budget management and planning for long-term care or disability policies are other services they can offer.

As there are various kinds of financial advisors, you must find one who operates as a fiduciary – meaning they put their client’s interests ahead of their own. A fiduciary can be identified by checking whether the advisor is an independent registered investment adviser (RIA) or broker-dealer; RIAs must always act in this capacity, while brokers may only do so under specific conditions.

Fee-only fiduciaries are another type of financial advisor paid solely by their clients and have a legal obligation to offer honest, impartial advice. Fee-only fiduciaries may be especially helpful to people with substantial assets or complex portfolios who require honest guidance when investing. Furthermore, these advisors can help calculate how much money will be necessary to retire with methods like the 4% rule or Multiply by 12 Rule.

Richmond financial planners can assist in crafting an in-depth financial plan, managing your investment portfolio, and meeting your tax and estate planning needs. Furthermore, they provide advice for life events like purchasing a home or saving for college. Finally, they offer assistance when selecting retirement plans and insurance policies and helping establish small business 401(ks. Additionally, they can advise you on how best to save for retirement and achieve your goals.

Kanawha Capital Management

Financial advisors assist clients in making informed, thorough decisions about their finances. They may help clients create strategies to meet their financial goals, debt management, and estate planning. Their services may differ depending on individual needs and budget; some financial advisors specialize in estate planning, while others might offer debt management.

Kanawha Capital Management of Richmond, Virginia, manages over $883.9 million across 478 client accounts and boasts five advisors with an average client balance of $2,686,679.

This company provides comprehensive wealth management services, including investment, retirement, and thorough and foundational plans. In addition, tax preparation and portfolio management services are also offered. Furthermore, this firm acts as fiduciaries on behalf of their clients, being governed by Virginia regulations.

This firm provides traditional asset management services, fee-only financial planning, and estate and tax planning. Fee-only financial planners ensure their advisors don’t earn commissions from selling financial products; this ensures their advice doesn’t favor their product offerings over others’ offerings. Clients must find financial planners that adhere to this model as it safeguards client interests.

Godsey & Gibb is a privately owned investment advisory firm founded in 1985 to offer investment advice to high-net-worth individuals and institutions across the U.S. It boasts more than 100 years of combined experience and serves clients all across America. Their advisory team specializes in retirement expense planning and estate and income tax strategies; services include diverse investment portfolios and specialized trusts with clients such as corporations, endowments, pension and profit-sharing plans, and foundations; their advisors include certified financial planners and chartered financial analysts.


Agili Investment Advisors LLC is a registered investment advisory firm in Richmond, Virginia. It offers financial planning services to individuals and small businesses, portfolio management, and market timing services to meet clients’ long-term goals, such as saving for retirement or funding their children’s education. Agili also assists clients in managing debt, purchasing a home, and planning an inheritance.

Financial planners must disclose their fees to clients; some firms offer wrap fee programs combining multiple services into one fee structure. Knowing about this fee structure is essential before hiring an advisor.

According to their most recent Form ADV, Agili PC currently manages $972,538,903 in regulatory assets under management and has 19 advisors. Clientele includes:

  • High net worth individuals.
  • Private foundations.
  • Clients requiring complex customized investment strategies, pooled investment vehicles, and business or institutional clients.

An investment adviser (RIA) must prioritize their clients’ best interests. Unfortunately, however, some RIAs acting as brokers may not always adhere to their fiduciary role, which can create conflicts of interest and misselling issues. When selecting an RIA, it’s essential to ask whether they act in this capacity and review any conflicts of interest or disciplinary actions they have been subject to; otherwise, they may need to disclose any conflicts of interest in advertising or marketing materials.

The Roseline Group

The Roseline Group in Richmond provides clients with investment and wealth management services. Their portfolio managers use a holistic approach to managing client accounts, including tax minimization and retirement planning strategies. Furthermore, The Roseline Group provides clients with financial education and guidance from certified employees, providing comprehensive and objective advice for its customers.

The company’s advisors and accountants can assist individuals, families, and small businesses with tax filings, planning processes, and investment services like asset allocation and diversification to optimize risk-adjusted returns. Their services are offered on an hourly or daily fee basis, and they offer assistance with various retirement plans.

They understand the difference between financial planners, wealth managers, and investment advisors. While a financial planner helps clients develop plans to achieve their goals and manage assets through wealth management services provided by wealth managers, an investment advisor offers investment advice and recommendations. There are over 100 certifications, each with a different focus area.

Roseline Group offers financial advice specialist consulting and investment advisory services for high net-worth clients such as executives, professionals, and their families. Their advisors specialize in working with these high-net-worth clients and negotiating compensation and benefits packages with employees.

Roseline Group and its subsidiaries may use any information you provide for business use without your explicit permission. They may share or disclose it to other parties without obtaining your consent. Please read this agreement thoroughly before accessing this site – by accessing it, you accept its terms and conditions; if not, please refrain from using it.

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