How to Get Involved: Volunteer Opportunities in Brampton

How to Get Involved: Volunteer Opportunities in Brampton

February 7, 2024

Volunteering is a powerful way to give back to the community, connect with others, and acquire valuable job skills, including leadership. In Brampton, a city pulsating with energy and diversity, there are abundant opportunities to make a positive impact. 

Let us look at some places you can volunteer in Brampton

1. African Community Services of Peel (ACS)

Mission: Providing settlement and integration services for newcomers.

ACS is a not-for-profit charitable organization seeking volunteers to assist in tasks such as promotion, outreach, networking, public education, fundraising, workshop organization, data collection, internet research, and administrative duties. By volunteering, individuals contribute to the successful integration of newcomers into the community.

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel

Mission: Mentoring youth to teach life skills and create essential bonds.

Volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel mentor children, imparting life skills, acting as role models, and forming important bonds. This initiative helps shape the future of young individuals by providing guidance, support, and a positive influence.

3. Brampton Animal Services

Mission: Contributing to community well-being by caring for animals.

Brampton Animal Services offers diverse volunteer opportunities, including dog walking, socializing with cats, transporting animals to rehabilitation centers, and participating in fundraising events. Volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing the lives of animals within the community.

4. Brampton Caledon Community Living (BCCL)

Mission: Supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and promoting community inclusion.

BCCL seeks volunteers aged 18 and older to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Volunteers commit to a minimum of three hours per week, utilizing their skills to promote inclusion and help others discover their strengths and talents.

5. Brampton Library

Mission: Cultivating a love for books and learning within the community.

Book lovers can rejoice by volunteering at any of the six Brampton libraries. Opportunities include serving as program assistants, reading buddies, and joining the teen council. Adults can engage in activities such as being reading buddies, delivering books to homebound readers, and participating in the senior library council.

6. Brampton Meals on Wheels

Mission: Delivering nutritious meals and bringing joy to individuals in need.

Volunteers at Meals on Wheels contribute not just to providing food but also to bringing joy and companionship to those who might be living alone. Spending extra time with each person visited ensures safety and engages them in much-needed conversation.

7. Food Banks

Mission: Sorting donations and assisting in on-site maintenance.

Several food banks in Brampton rely on community donations and volunteers for various tasks, from sorting donations to on-site maintenance. Organizations like Sainte Louise Food Bank and Knight’s Table welcome volunteers to play a vital role in addressing food insecurity in the community.

8. Habitat For Humanity

Mission: Building homes for families going through financial challenges.

Habitat for Humanity invites volunteers to participate in hands-on opportunities to build homes for families facing difficult financial times. Volunteers can also contribute to the organization by assisting in stores, handling donations, providing customer service, or lending their time to local events.

9. Heart & Stroke Canada

Mission: Fighting heart disease and stroke through fundraising and awareness.

Volunteers with Heart & Stroke Canada can serve as canvassers, both online and in person, to raise funds for research breakthroughs. They also play a crucial role in educating others about the signs of heart attacks, with a focus on the fact that symptoms may differ for women.

10. Peel Children’s Aid

Mission: Protecting children from abuse and neglect and supporting healthy families.

Volunteers with Peel Children’s Aid engage in activities such as tutoring, mentoring, driving, and assisting with family visits and special events. By volunteering, individuals make a positive impact on families, children, and the future, contributing to the protection and well-being of vulnerable children.

11. Peel Long Term Care Centres

Mission: Volunteering time to support seniors in care centers.

Volunteers at Peel Long Term Care Centres contribute by joining community outings, assisting with programming, engaging in one-on-one visits with residents, and more. This volunteering opportunity allows individuals to give back to the seniors in the community.

12. PLASP Child Care Services

Mission: Providing skill-building workshops and training for volunteers working with children.

PLASP Child Care Services offers a range of volunteer opportunities, including working with children in their programs. Volunteers can gain tangible skills through skill-building workshops and training provided by PLASP, contributing to the positive development of children.

13. Regeneration Outreach

Mission: Serving the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

Regeneration Outreach focuses on serving not only the homeless but also those at risk of homelessness and living in extreme poverty. Volunteers can engage in activities such as cooking in the kitchen, serving food, and assisting guests in choosing clothes from the organization’s clothes closet.

14. Rose Theatre Volunteers

Mission: Supporting the arts through volunteerism.

Arts enthusiasts can volunteer at Rose Theatre Brampton, Garden Square, Lester B. Pearson Theatre, or Cyril Clark Library Lecture Hall. Volunteers, aged 16 and older, who are great with people and can commit to three shifts per month contribute to creating vibrant and engaging arts experiences.


Volunteering in Brampton is not just an act of service; it’s a journey of personal growth, community building, and positive impact. 
By volunteering, residents of Brampton can actively participate in shaping a better, more inclusive, and compassionate community for all. Learn more about non-profit organizations in Brampton here!

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