How to Get Likes on Facebook: 12 Ways 

How to Get Likes on Facebook: 12 Ways 

April 5, 2024

There are more than 60 million Facebook pages, which is constantly growing. While creating a business page is easy, it’s much more work to grow your Facebook followers and get more engagement by liking and sharing your content. To add Facebook likes to your business, you need to be a good technologist and able to deal with the chaos we face today. 

But you are not alone. Dealing with noise and trying to understand it has become a myth for every company. If you go in the right direction and follow the next steps, it’s possible to get where you want to be. Here are the latest tips for becoming popular on Facebook in 2019.

Find your target audience.

Getting more post likes on Facebook will be more effective if you get them from the right people who will likely be interested in your product or service. Before building your brand, ensure you know your target audience. First, you need to know who you want to reach. 

Do they wear black suits to work and drive expensive cars, or do they like casual things and bikes? Ask as many questions as possible to get to know your customers. Many answers are correct. This way, you can refine your focus, provide insight into a specific niche, and leverage real Facebook.

Post at the right times

If you’ve collected a lot of information about your target audience, you already know what it’s like to be online. In this case, check out our latest article on the best time to post on Facebook to find out when your followers might be more popular because their habits and schedules allow it. The values ​​below show the best times to post on Facebook for different events.

Be personal: show your true self.

You build trust with your followers by showing who you are. This is a great plugin; posting your real photos and getting more likes on Facebook from people you know personally is easy. If you’re not a freelancer, we also recommend posting pictures of your team members. 

This way, you can connect with many followers initially and give good ideas to people who accidentally stop or campaign. Your family, friends, and group members (people in the area) will quickly be pleased with what you have here. Professional achievements and achievements should not disappear. These strategies work on any social media platform and positively impact LinkedIn engagement rates.

Add a call to action.

Eggs on Instagram proved this winter that a call to action can attract millions. It’s that simple: Bloggers asked the public to break Kylie Jenner’s likes record. People would rather avoid doing this. This call to action generated one of the best responses in social media history. While this story is more about Instagram, a call to action that resonates with the target audience, like the examples above, can increase likes and engagement on Facebook.

Be useful: write down times.

You will be surprised by the increasing interest in artificial intelligence articles today. If you love technology and haven’t covered it yet, it’s time to write an interesting article about AI in your industry and post it on Facebook. Buzzsumo points out that an article about machine learning and artificial intelligence will generate one million interactions. This is a surprisingly successful figure. But a post on Delish about a pop recipe got over a million interactions. He bought 241,399 shares. To get more shares on Facebook, follow what interests your audience and provide relevant information.

Ask questions

One of the best ways to get more likes on Facebook and other social media sites is to ask questions. Your goal is to get more people talking about a topic. Find a specific topic your target audience is interested in and ask people what they think. By asking questions, you will attract followers or likes, understand your customers’ problems and build relationships and partnerships necessary for business. Grammar often uses this technique to achieve more.

Get advertising

Discounts, special offers, and offers. Another great page with 4 million likes on Facebook is Chili’s Grill & Bar. These guys are true experts in creating marketing content. You can get a special #ChilisHacks hack to promote items on their menu. They have been doing this for years, giving lots of likes and shares under their posts. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to create your hashtags so people want to work on these special days, come to your shop/café/store or visit your website to grab the deal of the day?

Play questions, votes, and answers.

Social media games are better than ever. Have fun and ask for math solutions or solutions. These results keep people engaged and ensure you get the most shares you expect. They often lead to action in the realm of thought. If you want to create this type of post, include #puzzle and other useful hashtags to make your post easier to find in Facebook search results. Responding to each comment (if necessary) and directing the conversation is important. TVC Mall received more than 700 responses to the apple-banana idea!

Concept: words, goals

Ogilvy Digital Commerce and Marketing Coordinator Alla Bohdan states that people do not read the text on their own but see an image and decide within ⅕ seconds whether to read the text or not. Use this information to your advantage and keep a copy ready to inspire and encourage powerful words. 

Why are these types of quotes so popular for getting page likes on Facebook? We all struggle with internal problems all day, and when we see something that appeals to us and our issues, we click the ‘Like’ button with our fingers. All we need is motivation, and when we see encouraging words from celebrities, great minds or anyone else, we want to do something immediately: lose weight, make this Monday productive, start a new life and eat five vegetables a day! – Alla Bohdan, Ogilvy’s digital and marketing coordinator

Keep the text short and sweet.

Social media content that matches the images or links you share is just as important as the images. It’s short, sweet and fun unless you share a personal story that takes too much time. Your social media posts can ask a question, be honest, and make a famous statement, but remember that they need to appeal to people’s emotions and add logic to your visuals. 

Many articles on Momondo encourage us to love the world we live in. Coming up with topics to review will help you be less knowledgeable about what to write about, but it can also help you get page likes on Facebook and get readers intrigued to come back and share your posts on social media.

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