Indulge in Opulence: Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai Await You

Indulge in Opulence: Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai Await You

September 28, 2023

A Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai is a great way to experience the sand dunes of Dubai in comfort. Enjoy a morning or evening desert tour that includes sandboarding and dune bashing.

Take a serene desert drive and spot native wildlife, including rare birds. Try out falconry and capture memorable photographs.

Some Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai include henna tattoos and camel rides. Others include gourmet BBQ supper and live entertainment.

Premium Activities

A luxurious desert safari is a unique way to experience Dubai’s dunes, with top-of-the-line vehicles and quality private experiences. While a desert safari Dubai is usually done in the evening or morning, there are also luxury options that let you spend the night in the sand. These tours are operated by Platinum Heritage, and they include a number of premium activities that make your experience even more memorable.

One such premium experience is a night desert safari with an astronomy session. During this experience, you’ll travel to the renowned Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where your guide will help you spot nocturnal desert animals with night-vision binoculars. After the safari, you’ll enjoy a 2-course dinner and a stargazing session led by an astronomer.

Another option is a Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai with falconry. Operated by Royal Shaheen Events, this experience allows you to learn about and participate in the Bedouin tradition of falconry while being able to hold and handle a tame falcon. You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at falcon shooting.

For those who are looking to do a more budget-friendly desert safari, there is a 7-hour option that offers dune bashing, sand boarding, a camel ride, and sunset photos. You can also add a quad bike ride to this option for more adventure. Regardless of which desert safari you choose, the experience will be an unforgettable one.

Private Tours

You can enjoy the Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai if you opt for a private tour. It’s a wonderful way to get the most out of your adventure while being in complete privacy with your family or friends.

Your experience starts with a quick pick-up from your hotel in a luxurious 4×4 vehicle. Your expert driver-cum-guide will then take you out to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Watch exotic native wildlife as they wander the vast expanses of sand. Then, see the sun set over the horizon while enjoying a falcon demonstration. Once the show is over, your private caravan will bring you to a Bedouin-inspired camp for an evening of premium activities.

The first thing you will do is take part in a dune bash. This is a thrilling and exciting ride where you will go up and down the tallest sand dunes in your land cruiser. It’s an adrenaline-charged experience that is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Next, you will take a camel ride and click pictures of the magnificent Arabian Desert. Once you’re done, get a henna tattoo and relax on the traditional majlis with unlimited drinks. You can also partake in a gourmet BBQ supper and be amazed by a series of live performances, including the classic Tanoura dance and classy belly dancing.

Henna Tattoos

You can enjoy a Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai even during the summer, but most tours are held in the evenings to avoid the scorching heat. The best time to go is between November and March, when the weather is cooler and more bearable. You’ll see the stunning desert landscape and wildlife from a classic Land Rover as you drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You can also spot rare birds and Arabian oryx roaming the sands. The sands are soft and fine, with an incredible color that is unique to Dubai’s dune environment.

During your safari, you can take part in traditional activities such as baking bread, falcon demonstrations, and camel rides. You can also get henna tattoos, which are temporary and look great. Henna is made from a plant that is dried and turned into a paste, then applied to the hands and feet. The resulting design will last for a few days.

Henna tattoos are common at weddings and other cultural events in Asian, Middle Eastern, and African countries. The art is also popular in Western culture. Henna tattoos are different from tattoos, as they don’t pierce the skin. Henna is safe for most people, but some may have an allergic reaction to the henna powder or the chemical paraphenylenediamine. This compound is found in black henna, which can be a health risk for some people.

Gourmet BBQ Supper

Whether you’re an adventurer, a foodie, or just looking for a respite from the city clamor, Dubai’s evening Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai with BBQ dinner is a must-do experience. Shifting sands, the beauty of sunset, and lip-smacking BBQ dishes come together for an experience that’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Book your trip at HolidayDesertSafari.

The best part about this desert tour is that it’s not a budget-buster. You can enjoy a gourmet meal under the starry desert skies for just 150 AED per adult. This includes unlimited tea and coffee and a scrumptious buffet. The cuisine is a fusion of Arabian and Western. The highlight of the buffet is Lebanese bread, khuboos, that’s perfect when dipped in hummus.

The scrumptious BBQ supper is followed by entertainment, including belly dance and tanoura dancing. You can also try camel riding and take home henna designs. You can even try on traditional clothing called qandoras or Abayas for men and women.

This is a frontrunner in the Luxury Desert Safari Offers in Dubai arena, backed by rave reviews and exceptional service quality. Its commitment to creating a seamless blend of adventure and luxury is what sets it apart from its competitors.

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