Kheerganga Trek: Discover the Mystical Beauty of Parvati Valley

Kheerganga Trek: Discover the Mystical Beauty of Parvati Valley

September 8, 2023


Are you interested in trekking in a beautiful location? If you wanna enjoy the blissful nature then, here is the right place for you. Parvati valley is the place where you must go. The heavenly beauty of this place will capture your heart and eyes. One must not miss this place when you pay a visit to Himachal Pradesh. 

The unique feature of this place is that it has a pictorial quality which will mesmerise you. 

This valley is one among the well-known places in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place is located in the district called Kullu. A river named Parvati flows in this valley. This place is best for trekking. Going on a Kheerganga trek in this valley will remain as an unforgettable as well as a beautiful experience in your lifetime. 

From this valley you can have a look at the majestic Pir Panjal range. The entire trek will take around 4 to 5 days.

Overview of the Trek

Trekking at Parvati valley will be an easy one for you to do. In order to trek here you must follow a route. Kasol is the place from where you have to begin your trek. It is a small village and a famous one too. From there you have to go to the divine Kheerganga. In order to reach Kheerganga you have to travel through Barshaini. After that you will reach a place named Malana. It is also a village, which is an ancient one. This place holds a history for it and has its own significance. The inhabitants of that village follow stern rules as well as they live in a different way. 

Plan for You

Here is a plan for your trek in Parvati valley.

Step 1:

In order to begin your trekking you can either reach the town called Bhuntar and from there you can go to Kasol or you can directly go to Kasol. Kasol is the beginning point of your trek. So, you have to reach this place anyway. You can take your personal vehicle or else take a private vehicle to reach this place.

If you choose to reach Kasol from Bhuntar then, you have to travel for about 2 hrs. After reaching Kasol you can enjoy that place by strolling around and by visiting the places and shops there. You can have varieties of dishes there to relish. At night you may either stay in Kasol or go to the town called Tosh and stay there. Accommodation is available at both these places. 

Step 2:

Wherever you stay either in Kasol or in Tosh, get up early in the morning, enjoy the fresh morning and then finish your breakfast there. Get ready for your trek. The next place you have  to go is Barshaini. At this place you can enjoy the splendid beauty of nature. The excessive beauty of nature welcomes you here with its greenery, bridges, trails and waterfalls. One of the most famous and attractive waterfalls, the Rudranag is located in this place. You must visit this place and spend your quality time there. 

Then, from there you must trek through the river of Parvati. After that you will be reaching the villages called Kalga and Pulga after trekking for about 12 kilometres. You can observe the lifestyle of the inhabitants in that village. It will be like an exploration for you. 

Then, if you move on you will reach Kheerganga at last. The main thing to do here is to take a bath in the hot springs. Apart from that there are many places to be visited. You can stay there at night after exploring all the places there. Food and accommodation are available there.

Step 3:

Wake up in the morning, complete your breakfast and get ready to set your journey. From Kheerganga go to Barshaini and from there you can go to Kasol by travelling for about 4 to 5 hours. Have your food at time and then start your trekking to the village named Malana. This village has a lot of mystery in it along with history. You can observe the lifestyle of the inhabitants in that village, which is quite different. 

You can either stay there or move back to Kasol. From Kasol you can set your journey back to home or else you can go to Bhuntar and from there you may go home. The choice of the place of departure is up to you. 

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