Old Style Door Knobs and Antique Door Knockers: Adding Character to Your Home

Old Style Door Knobs and Antique Door Knockers: Adding Character to Your Home

April 18, 2024

Old style door knobs and antique door knockers have a special place in the world of home design. Not only do these classic pieces serve a purpose, but they also add to the elegant and charming look of a room. The appeal of old style door knobs and antique door knockers will be discussed in this piece, along with their significance, different varieties, things to think about, and online stores where you can buy them.

Why old-fashioned door knobs are charming

Old-fashioned door knobs make you think of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship that their modern versions don’t always have. Crafted from glass, brass, and porcelain, these door knobs give any door a touch of old-fashioned grace. Because of their complicated shapes and fancy details, they become the center of attention and improve the interior design of a room.

Antique doorknockers are a sign of tradition and style.

The old door knockers we have here are more than just useful extras; they also represent custom and style. For example, lion’s head knockers and Victorian-style designs are both used as decorative details that show off the homeowner’s personality and style. Antique door knockers instantly elevate any entrance with their classic style and long history.

Kinds of old-fashioned door knobs

Glass Knobs for Doorways

Elegant and classic, glass door knobs make doors look a little more sparkly with their clear design. They come in different sizes and shapes, like round and oval, and the hardware is usually made of brass or chrome to make their sturdiness even better.

Hammered brass door knobs

Old-fashioned and warm, brass door buttons are a popular choice for traditional and period-style homes. An elegant touch of luxury is added by their rich golden color, and their strong construction means they will last for a long time.

Porcelain keyhole covers

With their smooth surface and intricate designs, porcelain door knobs are delicate and elegant. Different colors and patterns are available, so they can be used with different types of furniture.

Tips for Picking Out Old-Style Door Knobs

Consider the following factors when choosing old style door knobs:

Materials and Finishes

Glass, metal, porcelain, and other high-quality materials with long-lasting finishes that don’t tarnish or rust are good choices for knobs.

Design and style

Choose knobs that go with your home’s architecture and style, whether it’s Victorian, Art Deco, or country chic.

Compatibility and functionality

Double-check that the knobs work with the door’s current hardware and system and that they are easy to hold on to for opening and closing.

Where to look for old-fashioned door knobs

For example, you can find old-style door knobs at:

Antique stores

Find one-of-a-kind, original old style door knobs with a lot of history and personality at local antique stores and flea markets.

Markets online

To find a large number of old and vintage door knobs from sellers all over the world, look through online markets like Etsy and eBay.

Dedicated Hardware Stores

You can get expert advice and help choosing the right knobs for your doors at hardware shops that specialize in vintage and reproduction devices.

Interest in Old Door Knockers

Antique door knockers are works of art that show off the style and craftsmanship of a bygone age. Intricate lion’s heads and cute animal designs make these door knockers fun and charming.

Antique Door Knocker Types

Lion’s Head Knucklers

Classic and royal, lion’s head knockers make any entryway feel grand with their majestic mane and fierce face.

Victorian Style Knockers: Victorian style knockers are very fancy and ornate. They represent the Victorian age with their floral designs and small details.

Animal-Designed Knockers

Knockers with animal designs come in many shapes and sizes, from cute frogs to elegant owls. They add a fun and imaginative touch to doors.

How to Choose the Right Antique Door Knockers

Things to think about when buying old door knockers are listed below:

Design and Appealing Looks

Pick doorknobs that go with your home’s architecture and style, whether it’s traditional, modern, or unique.

Content and Durability

Choose knockers made of top-notch materials like iron or brass that have long-lasting finishes that won’t rust or corrode.

Conditions for installation

To make sure the knockers work with your door’s hardware and system, make sure they are easy to install.

Where to Purchase Antique Door Knockers Online: You can purchase antique door knockers online at several stores, such as

Stores that sell antiques online

Check out online old shops and auctions to find a large collection of door knockers from various time periods and styles.

Artisan Markets

For handmade and custom-designed door knockers made by skilled artisans, check out artisan markets like Etsy and ArtFire.

Specialty websites for home decor

For a carefully chosen collection of door knockers from around the world, go to websites that sell retro and antique home decor.

After all that

Buying old-style door knobs and antique door knockers online isn’t just a practical thing to do; they’re also beautiful decor that will never go out of style. With so many choices online, you can find door knobs and knockers that fit any style and taste, from the classic elegance of glass knobs to the fun and whimsical charm of animal-themed knockers.

Most Common Questions about Old Style Door Knobs and Antique Door Knockers

Do modern doors accept old style door knobs?

With the aid of retrofitting kits and hardware adapters, old style door knobs can be put on contemporary doors.

Should antique door knockers be used on outdoor doors?

As long as they are made to last, antique door knockers can be used on exterior doors to add a touch of custom and elegance.

How do I keep old style door knobs and door knockers clean and maintained?

A soft cloth and a gentle soap solution should be used to gently wipe away dirt and grime from old style door knobs and antique door knockers. For the finish’s sake, don’t use strong chemicals or rough cleaners.

The old door knockers I want to match my home’s style.

A: You can change or fix up some old door knockers to make them fit in with your home’s style, but you should talk to a professional first to make sure they are properly restored and compatible.

Old style door knobs and antique door knockers typically cost how much?

A: Old style door knobs and antique door knockers have a wide range of prices, based on things like material, design, and condition.

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