PRP for Hair Treatment: Harnessing Your Body's Healing Power

PRP for Hair Treatment: Harnessing Your Body’s Healing Power

April 3, 2024

Do you want to transform your hair with magic? Welcome to the world of PRP hair treatment, where you can discover science and art in a remarkable fusion. Imagine having thick and revitalized hair. Say goodbye to thin hair and hello to a fuller look. Delve with us into the magic of the PRP injection. Embark on a journey with us to unleash the potential of hair vitality. Unleash your confidence and rejuvenated looks with “PRP for Hair Treatment: Harnessing Your Body’s Healing Power”. 

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What is PRP for Hair?

PRP is an injection utilized To produce new hair grafts, the doctor will inject the solution into your scalp which is your blood plasma enriched with platelets. It increases the blood flow to the hair follicle and reduces the hair shaft. 

platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections both originate and support natural hair growth.


The results are long-lasting and help increase the density of the hair along with the stimulation of hair growth. After the injection, the patient will feel the slow hair loss. 


The following are the benefits of this injection: 

  • Increases the hair density 
  • Stimulates hair growth 
  • Improves the quality of the hair 
  • Enhances the confidence 
  • It is a non-surgical approach 
  • No downtime required 
  • Provides long-lasting results 

Perfect Candidate: 

You are an ideal candidate for the PRP treatment if you, 

  • Intend to adjust your hairline 
  • wish to give a more defined look to your hairline
  • Want to enhance self-assurance? 
  • Wish to Improve your  self-image 
  • Desire to gain thatchy hair 
  • Want to get rid of bald patterns? 
  • I wish to get rid of hair loss problems such as alopecia 
  • Desire to add to your aesthetics 
  • I wish to alleviate your depression 
  • Want to transform your personality? 
  • Want to regain your lost confidence? 
  • Wishes to enhance self-esteem 

Who should avoid this treatment?

The following are the non-eligible candidates for this treatment: 

  • People with chronic heart disease
  • Candidate with unregulated diabetes
  • Anyone with a Low platelet count
  • A person with the Thyroid disease
  • People with Metabolic disorder
  • A person with Chronic skin disease
  • A patient suffering from cancer 
  • Candidate having the Liver disease

How is the Procedure done?

  1. Preparation: the doctor will draw  A small amount of blood from the patient, usually from their arm area


  1. Processing: After the preparation, the doctor will put the blood into a centrifuge, to spin quickly to separate the various parts of blood. Hence, The platelet-rich plasma is separated from other constituents by this procedure.
  1. Injection: The doctor will inject platelet-rich plasma, into the scalp at the site of thinning hair or hair loss.
  1. Hair Growth: The growth factors and platelets in the PRP injection will stimulate natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicles, promoting cell expansion, and extending the growth phase of the follicle process.

PRP treatment for hair loss is usually used as a treatment for alopecia (pattern baldness) and other kinds of hair loss. It is assumed to be a relatively safe procedure with minimal risk of side effects because it uses the patient’s blood, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or rejection.

Post-care Instructions:

Various post-care instructions need to be carefully followed  by the patient after undergointreatment,atment such as;

  •  Washing hair: Refrain from washing hair for at least 24 hours after the treatment which ultimately allows the PRP solution to get fully absorbed in the hair follicles. 
  • Hair products: Avoid using hair products for at least 3 to 4 days after the procedure. 
  • Chemical products: Abstain using chemical products or hair treatments that utilize chemicals possessing the tendency to damage hair or stimulate hair fall. 
  • Illicit substances: Avoid the usage of alcohol, caffeine & smoking till 15 days of treatment.
  • Heat styling: Avoid using different heat styling tools to avoid the damage that they can cause to hair. 
  • Sun exposure: apply sunscreen on the scalp or cover your head with a hat so that your scalp can be protected from direct exposure to the sun. 

Cost of PRP treatment: 

Enfield Royal Clinic offers PRP treatment at quite affordable prices. However, the price of the procedure doesn’t remain fixed, it fluctuates according to various factors such as

  • Number of sessions 
  • Condition of hair 
  • Locality 
  • Reputation of the clinic 
  • Skills & expertise of the doctor 
  • Desired outcomes 
  • Additional services 
  • Customization of the package 
  • Equipment & skills
  • Treatment protocol 

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