Revolutionizing Water Treatment: Hinada's Advanced Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Revolutionizing Water Treatment: Hinada’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Equipment

April 17, 2024

Our wastewater treatment equipment membranes are the best choice for enabling smaller organic molecules, proteins, and minerals to flow through while blocking suspended particles, yeast, and microbes. Because our wastewater treatment membranes are built on enhanced PES chemistry, they exhibit exceptional pH stability and chlorine tolerance. The membrane fouling rate has total control while operating in cross-flow, semi-dead-end, or “inside-out” modes.

Our wastewater treatment equipment modules have several applications, including food and beverage applications, potable water production, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment, and wastewater treatment.

The membranes of our wastewater treatment equipment are based on PES/PVP chemistry. Their pore sizes are smaller than most wastewater treatment solutions utilized in the water market, which results in a more consistent filtering process, higher retention of viral logs, and reduced pore clogging. They are able to maintain a constant permeate flow rate even in highly fouling feed waters.

Our unique, cutting-edge polymer chemistry creates membranes for our wastewater treatment equipment that are very robust, resistant to high pressure, and have pore sizes so fine that they can, for example, extract colloidal silica. As a result, they are ideal for applications requiring boiler feed and the production of ultrapure water, where they can operate at high temperatures and transmembrane pressures as needed.

Hinada is your go-to membrane supplier for water treatment and beverage filtering; we manufacture cutting-edge hollow fiver membrane modules for applications including nano, ultra, and microfiltration. At Hinada, we provide dependable goods and creative solutions that let our partners succeed in applications involving sustainable membrane filtration.

Our MBR modular system, which uses cutting-edge MBR technology, offers a number of benefits, including easy maintenance and cleaning, a prefabricated MBR system, PVDF MBR membrane, reduced energy costs, high-quality effluent, a smaller footprint, high flow rate, and more. Moreover, it is a convenient biological solution that is both easy to carry and install.For your wastewater treatment plant projects, we provide tailored service and PVDF membranes in any size.

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