Sultanate Troops: 1000 people

Sultanate Troops: 1000 people

September 6, 2023

Sultanate Troops: 1000 people

An elaborate 4.5 m long rock art panel in a limestone cave at Leang Bulu’ in Sulawesi is currently considered the earliest figurative artwork in the world.It portrays several figures hunting wild pigs and dwarf bovids. This rock art was dated to at least 43.9 ka on the basis of uranium-series analysis of overlying speleothems. A painted hand stencil from Leang Timpuseng, which has a minimum age of 39.9 kyr, is now the oldest known hand stencil in the world.

Another M76 importing country that is rarely heard of by foreign collectors is Indonesia.
Another preparation is strengthening the military position of the palace troops. There was also a stone throwing at the British cavalry post at the Srimenganti gate by Punakawan of the palace on 1 June. However, when the British troops under Gillespie were ready to attack the Sultanate’s palace on June 17, Sunan suddenly abandoned his intention. This can be seen from some of the Kasunanan troops who were only along the lines of communication between the British and Semarang.

Another source is RM Ng. Soemohatmoko from Mangkunegara also mentions a different figure:
Apart from that, it is also very unique to see that our famous artist, Don Antonio Blanco, can experience tension with other passengers. His journey back to Indonesia was not as peaceful as we imagine. Around the same period, in the 6th to 7th centuries (501–700 CE), the Kalingga Kingdom was established in Central Java northern coast, mentioned in Chinese account. The name of this kingdom was derived from ancient Indian kingdom of Kalinga, which suggest the ancient link between India and Indonesia. As already mentioned, the M76 form itself uses the M1 helmet model. The liner on the Riddell type model (the liner used on the M1 helmet) is mounted directly on the helmet. For the strap and chinstrap, use the model from the M1 helmet as well.

Mangkunegaran Legion: 1500 people

As the son of the head of state, Gusti Nurul inevitably had to attend state events held in the Mangkunegara region. Like the Princes or Royal Princesses in this world, Gusti Nurul was seen participating with his parents during official events. At 3 am we arrived in front of Port Said, at 6 we entered. I don’t think we anchored at the port but just anchored in front of the port. The city of Port Said seems very interesting, as seen in the postcard I sent along with this letter. The traders offer their wares from small boats. Some even boarded a freighter. Merchandise is sold on the deck of the ship. I remembered your request, so I bought a small rug similar to the one in Block S, which was mounted on the wall. I bought 2 pieces and the picture is different.

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