The best selection of bars in Jakarta to celebrate the New Year

The best selection of bars in Jakarta to celebrate the New Year

August 6, 2023

The best selection of bars in Jakarta to celebrate the New Year

and yes. 2022 we see a bright spot in the world slowly recovering from the global pandemic. Many people have resumed their long-awaited hobbies and pastimes. Now, approaching the end of a chapter full of changes and changes, there is joy for people to accept a new chapter in the post-Covid world full of happy celebrations. For those who are ready for the change of year. on the dance floor with a glass of wine and live music, check out Bazaar’s tips for 10 bars in Jakarta that could be your visit us last vacation of the year. This is next 2022.

1. bye bye

This open rooftop bar at Alila SBD Hotel can be the perfect place for you and your loved ones to celebrate their birthdays. just this once. Located in the SCBD area surrounded by the glittering skyscrapers of the capital, Chao Chao offers a city atmosphere full of youthful enthusiasm with famous house and disco music ready for the Masquerade Festival of new year presented by many famous DJs. , namely Thincut, Vickry & Dimas Pratama.

2. Embassy

Always presenting guests with famous DJs from Indonesia and abroad, the Embassy can be a place for celebrations. New for you EDM music lovers. With an industrial vibe and bright lights, this club in Elysée SCBD promises a night full of unforgettable moments.

3. Mr. Fox

This hotel restaurant located in the Energy House offers a collection of Asian cuisine and an exciting collection of cocktails for dinner that can become a great party in the dance hall. Apart from the live music which is the main attraction of this club, Mr.Fox also offers various cheap and free stages. Check out her Instagram channel for the latest updates on the anniversary event. It is believed that it will be the sweetest ending with their beloved parents. Ce.

4. Mrs. Jackson

For those who love to sing with their beloved friends, Ms. Jackson still presents a line-up of famous Indonesian singers and musicians performing legendary music. Apart from this, there are also many local and international DJs performing different genres of music from EDM, RnB and house. A glass of wine in hand and in a state of youthful enthusiasm, this wine is the best place to celebrate a year. new. 5. LBRTY

In the interior Art-deco character and soft lighting, the end of the year party. and LBRTY can feel like an intimate time travel experience. Disco, 90s and RnB music sets are the main elements of the house DJ and guests add to the atmosphere, along with a glass of wine and beloved friends. With the maximum capacity, do not forget to write to ensure your position in memory. just this once.

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