The distinctive benefits of the Wirksworth Chinese DDS Therapy

The distinctive benefits of the Wirksworth Chinese DDS Therapy

March 29, 2024

Acupuncture Derbyshire has been a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 3,000 years. While its effectiveness is broadly acknowledged, the use of needles can deter some individuals from seeking this natural remedy. Lincoln offers an alternative solution: the Wirksworth Chinese DDS (Direct Detoxification System) therapy. This innovative technique combines the ideas of TCM with the modern era to deliver acupuncture’s blessings without needles.

What is DDS Therapy?

DDS remedy utilizes a device that transmits low-electric powered currents through the body. This gentle current stimulates and reactivates blood cells, promoting increased energy, metabolism, and blood flow.

Benefits of Wirksworth Chinese DDS therapy

Here are the pinnacle advantages of the process of Wirksworth Chinese DDS therapy:

  • Pain relief: The DDS remedy correctly alleviates aches from numerous conditions. The bio-electric current helps reduce inflammation and prompts the body’s production of endorphins, natural pain-killers.
  • Enhanced wound healing: DDS remedy can accelerate wound healing and promote tissue restoration by stimulating blood circulation.
  • Immune system boost: The treatment may strengthen the body’s immune system by improving the function of white blood cells, which fight infections and diseases.
  • Improved sleep quality: It may relieve insomnia. Its calming results can promote better sleep patterns.
  • Anti-aging properties: Improved blood stream, an outcome of DDS therapy, can contribute to a youthful look by promoting skin cell regeneration.
  • Reduced fatigue: The accelerated energy levels achieved through DDS therapy can fight fatigue and feel revitalized.
  • Safe and drug-free: Unlike traditional pain medication, DDS therapy is a safe and natural treatment option with no reported side effects.
  • Painless procedure: The bio-electric current is mild and painless, making the DDS remedy suitable for people nervous about needles.
  • Comfortable treatment: Flat rubber adhesive discs, also known as electrodes, are attached to your skin at the designated treatment regions during bioelectric massage therapy. The overall experience is comfortable and enjoyable. It is with rub-down techniques and specially formulated lotions.

Considering DDS Therapy in Wirksworth?

If you are in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, and looking for an herbal solution for ache management, improved well-being, and general health, consider Wirksworth’s Chinese DDS remedy. Consult an authorized acupuncturist skilled in DDS therapy to determine if this innovative approach is for you.

Contact HE Acupuncture

Do you need to enjoy superb and rejuvenated Acupuncture Derbyshire alongside Wirksworth Chinese DDS therapy? Fear not! You can come straight to Lincoln, an expert acupuncturist at HE Acupuncture.

He affords diverse Traditional Chinese Therapy remedies like Acupuncture, Direct Detoxification System (DDS) remedy, Bioelectric Massage Therapy, Tuina rub down, and Moxibustion treatment.

Wirksworth Chinese DDS therapy gives a promising alternative for the ones seeking natural ache control, improved blood circulation, and enhanced overall well-being. With its attention on drug-free and non-invasive strategies, DDS remedy may be a treasured addition to your holistic well-being.

Lincoln’s understanding and experience in Traditional Chinese Therapy ensure you may obtain top-notch care and treatment for all your fitness desires. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment and start your adventure toward advanced well-being these days!

In the past few years, Lincoln has expanded his knowledge to include:

  • Facial acupuncture in London with Virginia Doran
  • Advanced pulse diagnosis with Scott Tower
  • Stroke treatments in First Teaching TCM Hospital of Tianjin, China
  • Adjust Shen (Spirit) by shadowing Dr Wu Lianzhong.
  • DDS treatment training in New York

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