The Most Instagramable Unique Cafe & Resto!

The Most Instagramable Unique Cafe & Resto!

August 1, 2023

The Most Instagramable Unique Cafe & Resto!

Want to try Singapore tourism? Don’t miss this line of 7 unique cafes and restaurants. Too bad, if you don’t visit! Singapore is famous for its modern and rich cultural attractions. One type of Singapore tour that is often a favorite of many tourists is its mouth-watering culinary delights! Culinary tourism in Singapore itself is very diverse. Ranging from traditional, modern, to fusion food, they are there! You can find these foods on the side of the road or in cafes and restaurants in the city center. So, for those of you who want to check out Instagramable restaurants or cafes in Singapore with delicious food menus, you’ve come to the right page!

1. Gudetama Cafe

Come on, who here likes the adorable cartoon character Gudetama? If you are one of them, this tiny egg-themed cafe must be on your list to visit in Singapore! Located at Suntec City Mall, Gudetama Cafe Singapore provides diners with a warm cafe atmosphere and delicious food! From end to end, this cafe is filled with Gudetama-themed decorations, complete with chairs and tables and food, you know!

2. Platforms 1094

Still talking about themed cafes, now is the time for happy Harry Potter fans! The reason is, a cafe located on Serangoon Road called Platform 1094 is ready to serve all Harry Potter fans with decorations and dishes typical of the wizarding world! Not only enjoying the cafe design that was made following all things Harry Potter, you can also rent robes, uniforms, and magic hats to make them look like Hogwarts students! The atmosphere of the cafe is very warm because it was built using red bricks and decorated with medieval-style chandeliers.

3. The Coastal Settlement

Located in the middle of a green garden, The Coastal Settlement stands tiny with retro-themed decorations and furniture. Here, you will find all kinds of outdated things like old bicycles, old paintings, or furniture like TV boxes and FM radios. The building was built using a mixture of concrete and traditional wood, like Malay houses. If you are looking for a delicious menu typical of Singapore, this is the place!

4. Shop Wonderland Cafe

This next unique Singapore tour is a paradise for outdoor lovers who don’t like the heat. Shop Wonderland Cafe has a nature theme, filled with outdoor-inclined decorations such as beautiful flowers and shady green leaves. This fresh decoration is coupled with a warm, modern cafe setting, making many visitors feel at home for a long time. Not only eating, here, you can also take part in various kinds of workshops such as flower arrangement and gardening.

5. My Art Space Singapore

For art lovers, My Art Space Singapore is heaven on earth. This cafe is located very strategically, which is right in the middle of busy Orchard Road. Here, you will be presented with an interior with contemporary minimalist industrial-style art. The atmosphere is cool and of course not boring because you will be accompanied by delicious food and fun painting activities!

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