Various types of ornamental grass

Various types of ornamental grass

March 23, 2024

Various types of ornamental grass

There are many types and types of ornamental grass, some are real grass and there are also fake grass, as we already know, most futsal fields or office rooms nowadays use synthetic grass which does not require soil, aka man-made grass.

That’s just a futsal field, whereas international soccer fields are different, most of them use real grass, like golf courses which cover hectares, they also use real grass.

Each of the two types of grass certainly has advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, real grass is better because its texture is soft, so if for example one day we fall we won’t get hurt, whereas artificial grass tends to be hard and stiff so it is very possible to get injured according to sharp lawn ky.

Swiss Grass

Swiss grass is the best grass among other types of ornamental grass, this can be seen in terms of its green color which is pleasing to the eye as well as the relatively smooth texture of the leaves so it is nice to use as a place to hang out without being messy.

The price is quite high, but it doesn’t disappoint and the way to plant it isn’t too complicated, the point is that the best time to plant it is during the rainy season, it can actually be in the dry season, but you have to be diligent in watering it in the morning and evening so that the grass doesn’t dry out.

Golf Grass

Golf grass is similar to Swiss grass, only the color is dark green. This grass is very easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of water intake, but don’t forget to water it if this is your first time planting.

In the past, this type of grass was categorized as a nuisance to other plants, but now it has changed its function, perhaps because of its beauty. As the name suggests, this grass can be used as a base for golf courses, its area can reach up to hectares.

Japanese/Peking Grass

This Japanese grass looks similar to the grass above, namely golf grass, how to plant it and its growth is also easy so it is often used as home garden decorations, such as in front of my house and is now 15 years old.

When I first planted it, it was only a few cm, but now it has reached tens of meters and its thickness is around 15 cm, and it has never been fertilized. Even though it is good, this grass cannot be used to hang out because the leaves are small and sharp like needles, sometimes piercing the skin.

Mini Elephant Grass

There are many types of mini elephant grass, this type of grass is also the most widely used by urban residents to decorate their home gardens. Apart from its affordable price, this grass is also very easy to grow, in the West Java area on the border between Bogor and Depok, there is a lot of grass like this available.

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