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Venetian Plaster London – Ultimate London

August 31, 2023

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At Ultimate London, we have made it our mission to be the Venetian plastering contractor of your choice across London and throughout the UK. All of our projects are bespoke to your individual requirements, and our team of highly skilled plastering artisans is ready to carry out any task you bring forward


Venetian plastering, a wall and ceiling finish consisting of plaster and marble dust, is an art that originated in Italy back in the Roman era. This ancient art has recently flourished across the UK. With many colours and finishes, Venetian plaster can be applied in various properties, and all finishes are bespoke to whatever your requirements are.


Venetian plaster is a luxury design trend that has seen a mass growth in popularity due to its jaw-dropping aesthetics and everyday practicality. Ultimate London is a leading provider of luxury polished concrete walls for businesses and commercial premises across the UK. 


Due to the versatility of Venetian Plaster, we can create any design, turning your dreams into reality.  

If you want to discuss any Venetian Plastering projects, please contact our team today to discuss your requirements and arrange a site survey.

For 24-7 emergency enquiries, please contact us at 0746 833 7967 or via WhatsApp and mail –

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