Which Approach Is Followed By Ayurvedic Science To Treat The Problem Of IBS?

Which Approach Is Followed By Ayurvedic Science To Treat The Problem Of IBS?

April 9, 2024

According to the famous ayurvedic doctor in Punjab, “ The irritable bowel syndrome can be different for all the people and the people who are suffering from it can be treated in different ways.” It is usually advised to get treated with the ayurvedic treatment as it aims at treating the problem from the root. You are suggested to visit the ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana for treatment whenever you are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

Following are the various ayurvedic treatment approaches with which you can get treated:


Panchakarma is that treatment approach with which the doctor aims to treat you by doing an intense and comprehensive clarification. Once the accumulated waste product is removed from your body, then the harmful toxins which are interfering with your body-functioning capabilities will get withdrawn. Panchakarma has come out to be the most effective treatment to treat those body problems which are accountable for spreading in the other parts as well.


Rasayana is the collective treatment approach that may include medications, variegated therapies, a great lifestyle, yoga and meditation. It is the approach that aims at restoring the highest capability for your body to carry out the highest functioning.


As we know how important it is for the proper functioning of our body. The pranayam is also helpful not only for e lung health but for the other internal systems of the body as well. With yoga, so many diseases have been observed to get cured.

It is advised that the individual should start practicing yoga daily if he never wants to suffer from any kind of disease.

Herbal Medications

The ayurvedic treatment approach for any kind of disease always and always involves the incorporation of herbal medications. The herbal medications may involve, ashwagandha, mulethi, triphala, bilvi and guduchi.

Ayurvedic Diet

The ayurvedic diet may include the incorporation of the various things which are known to benefit you with nutritional fulfillment. Your body needs to have the proper nutrients which may include vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus and many more.

Switching to an ayurvedic diet will keep you healthy as your dietary habits are accountable causing a 70% impact on your body

Stress-free Life

Stress is the biggest enemy in any person’s life. So the individual needs to make sure that he or she is not under stress. No matter whether you are counting on the medical treatment or the ayurvedic treatment, a stress-free lifestyle should be followed.

Proper Sleep And Rest

The ayurvedic treatment will go in vain if you are not taking proper rest or are not taking sound sleep. Sleep may only be known as sound if you are sleeping for 8 hours.

Bottom LineIt is always important that you should count on ayurvedic treatment if you want to get yourself permanently healed with the particular condition. Immediately visit the reputed ayurvedic practitioner, when you notice any symptoms of further problem-causing disorders.

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