Why Should You Prefer Flutter App Development Learn Its Pros and Cons

Why Should You Prefer Flutter App Development Learn Its Pros and Cons

August 10, 2023

Flutter is one of the best frameworks for cross-platform app development. It has been creating buzz worldwide since its launch. Not only developers and entrepreneurs but end-users also love the potential and credibility that Flutter provides to an app. As we can seamlessly run the same app on different devices today, all credit goes to none other than Flutter. 

Here is much more that you learn about Flutter if you build an app with this framework.

Are you excited to read further?

Move ahead and learn why you should grab all the benefits in one go while building your own Flutter app with the help of a mobile app development company in Riyadh.

Now, let’s get started and unveil the potential of Flutter. 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter lets developers build the same app for different devices, i.e., Android, iOS, and Websites. Google developed it as an open-source UI framework to help developers build high-graded native mobile, web, and desktop apps using only a single codebase. 

For modern needs, it is the modern and robust tool that can help a business records its win soon with dynamic and quality-centric cross-platform mobile apps. Indeed, these technologies and frameworks are the recipes behind our door to success and growth, and that’s why businesses prefer them the most. 

What’s more?

Flutter consists of two main components that include: 

  • SDK Software Development Kit
  • UI Library based Widgets

Why Should Entrepreneurs Prefer Flutter?

Now, let’s move to the section you have been waiting for a long time and discover why you should prefer the Flutter app development. Let’s dive deep and read the benefits that one can expect from Flutter: 

  • Reduced Development Time

Although the benefits of Flutter are written here as per the developer’s perspective, when the development time gets reduced, not only the development company but also businesses will get benefits like the speedy release of the product in the market. Even, Flutter has all the capabilities to create extensive apps consisting of some unique features and requires no additional charges. 

  • Single Codebase

What else can we ask for?

Finding a single codebase is what most developers want, and guess what? Flutter is known worldwide for its single code feature that allows app development for multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Instead of generating a separate codebase, everything gets tackled with a single codebase only. And this element captivates the world’s attention towards Flutter. 

  • Native Like Performance

Even the native-like performance is achieved with Flutter because it works with Skia, a graphics engine that ensures highly-dynamic development. 

That means no matter which device you are running, the app built by Flutter runs, works, and looks the same, and all credit goes to none other than Flutter framework only. 

  • Increased Time to Market

Your product will launch rapidly when you build it with Flutter, ensuring more opportunities for your business to grow and flourish. Also, it leads you ahead against all the competitions you are trying to beat. If you want this benefit for your business, it’s time to connect with the best Flutter app development company today. 

  • Hot Reload Feature

Hot reload turns out to be the heat of the town because of its ability to reload the changes within a few seconds only. It lets developers see all the updated changes till now and speed up the entire app development procedure. 

  • Dart

Dart is the reason why various developers prefer the use of Flutter. Its capabilities are beyond anyone’s imagination, which makes Flutter stand out from other languages and ahead of the competition. 

While being compiled on highly optimized JavaScript on web platforms, Dart brings the benefits like enhanced animation speed, better user experience, and various others.

  • Cupertino Widgets

Flutter is compatible with Cupertino (iOS) widgets sets and Material designs (Android), ensuring UI provides a native look on both platforms without ignoring the consistent and familiar user experience. 

Cons of Flutter

Moving to the cons of Flutter, let’s find out what limitations this framework has that make it unsuitable for business processes. 

  • Dart’s low popularity 

Although it is a reliable programming language, Dart is still unpopular. It is one of the fastest languages that lets developers make the most of opportunities. Among lots of programming languages like Java and Kotlin, Dart is not popular. 

  • Large Apps  

The size of the app is another loophole that comes with Flutter because it gets difficult for Flutter developers to work and manage large files. 

  • Issues with iOS

The Flutter framework is supposed to work well in iOS and Android. But, as Google developed it, Android got a key advantage. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is all about Flutter and how it can benefit your mobile app development. We hope that the article has resolved all your queries forming in your mind about the Flutter app development. However, if you have anything to ask, contact the best android app development company in Riyadh. The right developers will bring you exceptions like never before. 

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